Monday, December 31, 2007

Winter Candle Centerpieces

I had a great time this weekend with the fab girls over at Branching Out Event Florists.

Vicki and here design team did it again; another gorgeous look that was anything but mainstream.

There was a lot of thinking outside the box on this wedding, not just in terms of the décor. It was held at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The ceremony was held in the lower lobby and the

dinner in the balcony level lobby. We then flipped the ceremony site and turned it into the setting for a rocking dessert/after party. The lucky guests had 3 different settings and looks but never had to brave the cold night air. What’s more, because it was on a Sunday they had the entire place to themselves. Think outside the box when you consider locations.

Beautiful bride, beautiful location and beautiful décor. What more could you ask for?

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bridal Show How-to

January always brings a rash of bridal shows. I know in my little market there are three in the next 6 days and that is just the beginning. On my other site I write a couple of columns a year on how to make the most of these for the bridal professionals that participate in them. I guess it’s about time I turn some of that around for my brides.

Picking the show: Face it, you can’t go to all of them; there is only so much time. If you want to be methodical about it you need to look at what vendors will be participating in each show. Every show lists their participants on their website so you can check them out. Look at who is going to be there. Are they the vendors that you are interested in? If you are doing an over the top elegant wedding why waste your time at a show where all the vendors are in the low budget range.

It also matters where you are in the planning process. If you are just starting out and only looking for ideas pick the biggest, baddest show on the block. Now it may be so crowded that you really won’t be able to talk to any vendors but you are only there to gather info anyway, right?

If you are pretty well on in the process and looking to fill a few gaps then you really want to look over that roster before you go. Look at who will be there that offers the services that you still need, check out their websites in advance get your questions down. A smaller more low key show is what you want for this. That way you will have a chance to talk to them one on one before you take the time to meet for a consultation. That can save a ton of time in the long run by eliminating those professionals that you just don’t click with.

What to Take: Every show will want your information. For the vendors that is what this is all about: getting that lead list. (Although in all honesty very few of them ever use it.; but that is another rant for another site. Hehe) To make your life easier print out some address labels to take with you. They need the following information:

· Bride & Groom name

· Location (city and zipcode)

· Wedding Date

· Email address

For this bit I am sure I will be raked over the coals by my buddies in the industry but here goes…

DO NOT give them your address, phone number or your normal email address. Set up a separate email account for bridal related email. When you meet a professional whose services you truly want to pursue give them the addy for your main account. Like wise, don’t give them invalid information. It’s just not nice to make them waste their time calling you only to get connected to the local graveyard or massage parlor. As for an invalid email, that can affect their spam rate and damage their reputation. So be nice, if you don’t want to hear from them just don’t give them anything.

One more point on what not to take. Leave the strollers and the kidlets at home. You need to be able to maneuver and to focus. Hire a babysitter ‘cause this ain’t no stroll in the park!

Once You Are There: I have never figured out why so many people show up at the second the door opens. Avoid the rush and head out an hour or so after the doors open, the wedding professional aren’t going any where.

First make a quick circuit of the show noting on the program any one that catches your eye. Check for listings of seminars and their times as well as the times for the fashion shows.

Take a break and make a plan of attack. Go back and visit with the booths that caught your eye. Get a feel for them, check out their products and get a few questions answered. Keep it brief, most professional need to meet and talk to about 6 brides per hour at these shows. If you click with someone make an appointment to continue the conversation at a real consultation.

You will get a lot and I do mean a lot of literature. Once you get home and try to sort it all out it will all start to look alike. Taking a little pre-emptive action at the show can help. Try to keep all that paper in 3 separate piles/places/bags.

  1. I really, really like them.
  2. Ya, maybe.
  3. Not on your life buster! (this one hits the trash on the way out)

If you make an appointment with someone or they stood out for some reason take a second to make a note on their handouts.

One more thing that I have to say and that’s because it is a pet peeve of mine. Cameras. Please ask at each booth before you start snapping away. Nothing use to make me more upset than someone taking a picture of a unique cake of mine that I had used my time, talent and creativity to design so they could have some two-bit hack try to recreate it. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Just ask before you take someone’s intellectual property. You really don’t want to start your new life with a big ol’pile of bad karma hanging around.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Savvy Shopping Brides

“Attention Wedding Shoppers, there is a sale in aisle 5 especially for you”

If you are planning a wedding in the next 12 months you have some serious after Christmas shopping to do.

In the days after Christmas nearly everything is on sale. No I’m not talking about your basic wedding stuff like gowns and guest books. I’m talking about all that other cool stuff that anyone with an ounce of creativity can use to decorate and host a fabulous wedding.

Let’ put away our “Christmas eyes” and put on our “event planner eyes” and take a little stroll, shall we?

We’ll start with the Christmas decorations. I’m sure you already know to stock up on white tree lights. You can use them in plants or behind fabric or to dress up the buffet tables. Some of those strands of all blue lights might be useful somewhere too. Keep looking.

If you already know your color scheme you can save a fortune on décor if you see some non-Christmas goodies in that color. One year I racked up on clusters of gold, silver and pearl white grapes for next to nothing, like 75% off! Hehehe. Also look for bead garland in non-traditional colors you can weave into your centerpieces. Another thing to look for is the fake crystallized fruit, there are always pears in that bin. Just perfect to add some glitz to a “perfect pear” motif; even better if you are doing a harvest or
Renaissance theme. Do you see where I’m going with this? Goodness me, they even make ornaments in a beach theme now if that is your wedding vision.

Don’t forget the candles. Every craft store, discount store and big box is full to over flowing with candles. Get them now while the getting is good.

Hurry along girls, we have lot’s more shopping to do! It’s on to accessories, everyone’s favorite. You know all those pretty little baubles they wanted you to buy to adorn your holiday look? Put your “bridal eyes” on and you may just find the perfect earrings, necklace and bracelets for your big day. Hadn’t thought about that, had you? It is also a great time to get deep discounts on pretties you can use as gifts for you attendants.

Check out all the pretty glittery shawls, shrugs and boleros that are out for the holidays. Might just be perfect to complete your bridesmaids outfit or add a bit of coverage for Mommy Dearest and Grandmother too! We’re not done yet.

It’s on to the Men’s department. Have you ever noticed that every men’s department suddenly sprouts displays of interesting little gifts for men this time of year? Things like flasks and wallets and cufflinks and office golf sets. Now isn’t that exactly what most guys end up buying for their groomsmen? Double score if it’s something you can have monogrammed after the holidays. Something else to keep your eyes open for is men’s formal wear. If you time it right you may even be able to buy your guy’s tux for not much more that you will be able to rent one for at the height of the wedding season.

All it takes is looking at those after Christmas sales from a different perspective.

Aren’t you glad you thought of that?

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

So What Does a Fashion Designer Wear to Her Wedding?

Here is a bit of fun for your weekend. New York Wedding Guide did a piece recently on what some of the top fashion designers wore at their wedding.

The piece includes descriptions as well as some personal comments from the designers. I especially like the quote from Monique Lhuillier.

“I knew the field I wanted to be in, but I didn’t know it would be bridal until I was shopping for my dress. That’s what opened my eyes. I thought I could infuse something different into the bridal world.”

That you did, Monique, and quite beautifully I might add.


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best Wedding Planning Tool EVER

As you can imagine, anytime anyone releases a new website for brides I get pinged. Most of them are just more of the same, but I got a real WOW in my inbox this morning.

Clio pinged me about the new site she is a part of, Muse. Right now Muse has three parts: Budget tool, Task manager and Idea folder. I’m not a big fan of budget tools but the other two just blew me away!

On the Task manager you have 3 pages, Do Now, Do Later and Done. Each is divided into the standard categories like ceremony, beauty photography, etc. It couldn’t be easier to add and delete tasks or move them from list to list. It all stays organized and neat. Love it. No more making lists, losing them and having to recreate them. I wish it was available for my grocery lists.

The idea folder is just as easy to use. You can ‘Capture an idea’ again in the standard categories and then keep it front and center or move it to the back burner to revisit later.

Clio tells me that they have even more tools in the works as the site keeps growing. If they are any where as cool and useful as what they have now Muse may quickly become the hottest planning site on the web.

Thanks Clio for 'getting it'.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

You're Engaged! Now What?

It’s that time of year, the Christmas Holidays. Traditionally in the Unites States and the UK more couples get engaged at this time of year than any other. This little statistic has stood for years and I doubt that this year will be any different. If you think there may be a tiny little box with a shiny bauble lurking under your tree I have some timely advice for you that may make the whole planning experience run a bit more smoothly.

DON’T TELL ANYONE! Ok well that may be a bit drastic since I know you will want to scream it from the rooftops but hear me out first.

From the moment you announce your engagement every single female that has ever loved you will want to plan your wedding. You will get more ‘helpful’ advice than at any time in your life with the exception of your first pregnancy. Inside every aunt, sister, cousin, BFF and most strangers lurks a frustrated event designer. Don’t even get me started on the Moms! Most likely your Mom has been planning your wedding in her head since the very day she found out she was carrying a girl in her womb. Yikes! Whose wedding is it anyway?

Well my dear, it is your wedding. This day belongs to you and the boy; grab hold and hang on to it. That is why I say don’t tell anyone; at least until you two have talked it over and gotten a vision of the wedding YOU TWO want.

I don’t mean plan the darn thing down to the baskets in the bathrooms. I mean get a broad generalization of what each of you has pictured for this day and reconcile those two images into a untied front with which to face the coming onslaught. That way when Mom utters the words Cathedral and Country Club you can honestly say “(the boy) and I have already decided on a garden wedding.” If you have a vision in mind you can deflect a lot of trouble in the future by staking claim to your wedding from the very beginning.

Just a little bit of wisdom from some one that has been there done that.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Can't Stop Laughing

I have to share a blog I just found -The Wedding Planner’s Blog. Terrica has a regular feature an Friday’s called New Rules.

I could not stop laughing. Terrica tells it like it is and says all those things that we poor souls that earn our living bringing wedding dreams to life think everyday. What’s more, she does it with a laser sharp attitude.

If you can read through the recent archives without tears running down your face from laughing so hard you are taking wedding planning way to seriously.

Thanks Tericca.


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wedding Day Transportation

One thing you don’t want to worry about is parking and traffic on your wedding day, right? The logical answer is to hire a car and leave those worries to some one else. Then comes the question of just what kind of car to hire.

A stretch limo has been the standard choice for years but now there are much better choices.

Last week I was at lunch with a group from the Association of Bridal Consultants and we had the chance to take a spin in one of the luxury coaches from Imagine Private Travel. Well let me tell you, they don’t just throw the word luxury around, this thing was fab~u~lous! Needless to say we girls got to talking and none of us liked stretch limos. Why you ask? Well because they are a pain in the tush to get in and out of. Considering how tough and unladylike it is in jeans one can only imagine how hard it will be with a wedding gown of mass proportions.

Leave the stretch limos to the prom kids. Now that we are all grown up let’s go for the real luxury!

Imagine Private Travel

Office (615) 790.7153, ext. 221

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Traviata....the cake!

Just a bit of Sunday Sweetness.
Finally a self decorating wedding cake!
Now where were these when I was still creating wedding cakes?

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