Thursday, January 31, 2008

WOW Invitations

Are you bored to death by most of the invitations you are seeing? Can’t find anything that is YOU? I may have the answer.

I found the coolest line of invitations called Paper Fetish. Johanna Nunez has created 24 complete collections, each unique, each fabulous, each including every item you would need for your paper wardrobe. Better still is there is no minimum order or quantity increments. So if you need 35 you can get 35, perfect for the small intimate wedding or destination event.

These are as close to bespoke invitations as you can get without having to go to that trouble or expense. They are only available ‘to the trade’ as the saying goes so you will have to order them through you wedding coordinator. If they are not already a distributor, by all means turn them on to it.

Plus , kudo on as gorgeous website.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm Back With The Best FromThe Blogosphere

So sorry about the lag in posts. There was so much to catch up on after taking a week off for The Special Event in Atlanta that I just now had a chance to catch up on my blog reading. I found many fun and informative posts among my fellow wedding bloggers that I just have to share.

First up a bit of fun from Perfect Bound: fantasy wedding registries. Here is one from Liene of Blue Orchid Designs. Oh I want that kitchen!

Ariel has been busy over at Offbeat Bride. You will love her interview with Miles Johnson of Fiori Floral Design on how to get the most bang for your floral buck.

I see that Saundra of Planning Forever Events is home safe and sound from Atlanta as well. Take a peep at her images from the bridal gallery here and here. From the looks of it we just missed each other. When she was working on the gallery I was upstairs helping to set the luncheon. Bah.

Oh and what the heck, you know me, I had to find some bling in all that reading.

From PRWeb I was tipped of to the cutest charms that would be just perfect for your brides maids. I really love the martini glass.

I saved my favorite for last. This from the Paloma Picassa Collection at Tiffany & Co. ~sigh~ Not that I am getting married anytime in the foreseeable future, but if I did…OooooooAhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coolest New Find

I found the coolest new product at The Special Event. No, literally. How about amazing ice sculptures delivered to your door?

Ice Caters has developed a line of ice sculptures and service pieces packaged in special no freezer needed packaging. Everything from elaborated custom pieces to ice shot glasses or martini glasses can be shipped anywhere you happen to be. We had the best time playing with the martini glasses. You can even order the martini luge to go with it. Love that!

The also have partners around the country that can order then for you and handle the set-up. That’s’ really the thing to do to save a bit of sanity on your wedding day. I mean really, who wants to lug a block of ice around while in a lovely wedding gown? Just find what you want and tell your caterer where you found it and let them do the rest; ice and easy.

I told you it was cool.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Dress Your Event

As you may have figured out by now much of last week was devoted to event décor. From flowers to draping to lounge furniture, if you could decorate a space with it, it was there.

Here is what I came away with: the single thing that can have the biggest impact on the look and feel of your reception is the linens. I know it is probably something you have never even thought about what with all the thought of gowns and invitations and music and what not. I am here to tell you that not one other item will have as big an impact per dollar spent as creative tablecloths, runners and chair ties. With what I saw on the show floor you won’t have any trouble finding exactly what you want.

Depending on where you live, your local rental firm or caterer may not have the greatest selection in the world. Trust me, they can get them. Most of these linens come from national rental companies that ship anywhere in the world. They arrive pressed and ready with shipping duffles to send them back when the event is over. So don’t let Aunt Annie’s catering in Bump in The Road, WY tell you that you are stuck with white. If UPS or FedEx can find you can have fabulous linen just like the brides you see in the national magazines. Why not kick it up a notch? Just do a search for tablecloth rentals.

Yes some of these pictures are duplicates from previous post, but I really wanted you to look at them again from a purely fabric point of view.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wow Tabletop Décor

Here are some more tasty tidbits from The Special Event 2008 in Atlanta.

The top mosaic is some of the fabulous tabletop designs from the show floor. All but the last few are competing for best Tabletop Design at tomorrow nights Gala Awards in either the over $1000 or under $1000 category. Over $1000 for a single tabletop? Yes they had better knock your socks off.

Speaking of the Gala Awards…

It takes a flat ton of flowers and people to pull off events of this size. Tomorrow night they are expecting 1200 guests who are all expecting the best. This is one of the small centerpieces for the Gala. In all we produced close to 400 centerpieces today using over 5000 flowers. If you look closely you can even se yours truly slaving away under instruction from the design team at Legendary Events.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Hottest Ticket In Town

Atlanta 1/16/08

The hottest ticket in town today is the Wedding Luncheon. Tickets are sold out and selling on EBay. Who knew, scalpers for a wedding luncheon? If you could see the décor on this you would maybe begin to understand the reasons.

I had the pleasure of helping on the set up for this event. WOW, you can only imagine what the best of the best do when the want to impress their peers.

The images above are only the tip of the iceberg. The room is divided into 4 sections, Traditional Southern Formal, Metropolitan, Coastal and Sizzle. Wow, wow wow!

I will have more details after the actual event, but for now just delight in the eye candy my friends.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Special Event

I’m off to The Special Event in Atlanta this week. The Special Event is the king hell trade show for anyone in the event business. Presented annually by the International Special Events Society, it the one place to be inspired. With over 300 vendors on the event floor and a 4 day slate of educational seminars it is an event not to be missed.

With everything from tents to chairs to table top idea to favors on display I expect to come away with more ideas than I can hold in my little head. I am honored to be helping on the installation of the Wedding Luncheon. I can’t wait to be behind the scenes to see what the best of the best do to blow away their peers.

I fully expect to have the same reaction that many of my bride to be readers have the first time they go to a large bridal show; that ‘deer in the headlights’ look that is being overwhelmed.

Don’t worry faithful followers; I keep you filled in on all the juicy details. You know I always do.

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A Candlelit Event

Yet another fabulous installation from the very creative ladies at Branching Out. This time they transformed a formal vintage ballroom in an historic hotel into a hip lounge. Because of the size of the guest list (480) a sit down dinner was out of the question. Instead the ballroom, lobby and veranda were turned into one massive cocktail space with tables and banquets. The guests were served seven courses as passed hors deouvers and danced the night away to two different bands.

In all, over 500 candle were used to create an amazing ambiance. Beginning with luminaries outside the church and ending with candle lit stairways for the getaway, the entire evening was a-flicker.

Can’t we all agree that everyone looks better in candlelight?

Edited to add:

One of the reasons I started this blog is to show the real world behind the beautiful events in life. Well I got to thinking that this is one of those times. The photo and the description above is indeed what the bride and her guests experienced. This is what they didn’t see:

This was the day of the possessed candles. From the beginning they refused to behave. It started at the church. We had 4 candelabrums, 2 3’ tall and 2 4’ tall with mechanical candles all from the rental company. The taller ones were fitted with bowls in the center to hold flower arrangements of freesia, stocks, hydrangea, Casablanca lilies and vendala roses. Unfortunately the candles were 13” and they should have been 15” or more, so the tip of the candles nestled perfectly in the middle of the floral arrangement. Great; flowers were trimmed or remove to prevent forest fires. That however was the least of our worries. The damn things fit funny and kept leaping out of the candle holders. Not falling mind you, LEAPING! Each time with a resounding CRASH as these metal monsters hit out glass table tops. Again, great. That doesn’t account for the one that seemed more possessed than the others; something was wrong with the locking mechanism that keeps the sleeve on the holder. At random times and for no apparent reason the lock would fail sending the spring loaded cover flying like a demented missile. This was the scene as we tried to finish the rest of the décor: place a flower, catch a candle, leave message for the rental company, duck to avoid missile. This was repeated quite a few times. Eventually 3 rolls of florist tape, a lick and a prayer later and the décor was finished. Yet another save the day moment. We still haven’t heard from the rental company.

On to the reception venue and the votive candles from hell. First off any time you are planning on using over 500 candles on an event you know what you are up against. At this particular venue there is a ledge surrounding the entry stair. The ledge is marble and there is an ever so slight downward angle to it. Because of its location it can only be reached by hanging over the edge of the railing above to place the candles. We have done this many times and knew it was a big job but didn’t foresee any problems. Silly us, we should have known better.

We placed all 150 candles on the ledge and the minute we turned our back they turned on us. As I said we have done this many times before, but never in January. Something about the winds outside and the air pressure was causing them to move each time the doors would open sending random glass votice holders crashing anywhere from 4’ to 10’ to the marble floor below. Well holy leaping flames Batman!!! You can’t have guests arriving at a 5 Diamond hotel being pelted with flaming hot wax and shattering glass. Off come the candles. Ya think? We distributed then around the venue and began the tedious task of lighting all these things.

That is until we told the event planner. She was not about to loose the lovely detail of a candlelit entrance. Say what? Hon you can’t really expect us to bomb the guests like invaders storming the walls of a citadel. Apparently she did.

By now we had started the task of lighting all 500 plus candles at the hotel when the call comes in saying that the hotel had been contacted and they would indeed have to allow us to put the damn things back on the ledge. Quick blow out the candles you have lit so the wax will harden and they can be moved---back to the ledge. Still possessing some semblance of sanity we insisted that we would only place them on the very nearest 1/3 of the ledge, the section farthest from the draft.

That’s when the event planner called from the church…

“The church lady won’t let us light the candles”

“Why Not”

“She says they will drip on the altar”

“No they won’t, they are mechanical candles.”

“She doesn’t care. She won’t let us light them until you get back here and wrap the altar in saran wrap”

“Do what?”

“You heard me. She is demanding that you wrap the altar in saran wrap or we can’t light the candles”

“Oh sure why not I have absolutely NOTHING better to do.”

Off half the team went to custom wrap an altar across town.

Of course it turned out to be the beautiful event you see above, but never believe that it didn’t have its trails.

It’s all just on a days work.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hide the Bride

There just are not words...

Oh wait, didn't someone say something about tulleolopes?

See the complete story here.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tulleolopes and Other Horrors

An entire herd of Tulleolopes died to make this dress!

Badly in need of a bit of a laugh due to having spent the last two days in bed with a Godzilla sized case of the sniffles I decides to check out my favorite forum, Kvetch on Indie Bride.

I knew the IBs wouldn’t let me down. I found a link posted by Calypso to the Wedding Gown Hall of Shame. Oh my! Before I knew it I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

The captions like the one above are what make this site a most worthy waste of time. It may not be work friendly due only to the uncontrollable urge to laugh out loud.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

DIY Project Time

Contrary to popular belief I really am a fan of DIY wedding projects. I have seen some truly beautiful and unique things that all you talented brides have made. Of course

I have also seen some absolutely laughably bad things. Do I even need to mention cheap silk flowers and floating candles?

So here is the deal: if you are going to create something fabulous and handmade for your wedding don’t take on more than you can handle either skill level or time wise. Commit to one of two amazing projects and give yourself the time to do it right.

To get you started go over to Abby’s blog Style Me Pretty and check out her DIY contest entries. WOW if that doesn’t get you inspired then nothing will.

To help you design your own projects and master the skills needed to make them check out DIY Bride and Wedding Crafter. DIY Bride even has a forum where you can get help from other crafting brides. What’s more, DIY Bride's book just hit the bookstores this week. I can’t wait to check it out.

Since so many wedding day crafts have to do with paper in one way or another here is my favorite source for great/cool/different papers.

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