Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best Wedding Planning Tool EVER

As you can imagine, anytime anyone releases a new website for brides I get pinged. Most of them are just more of the same, but I got a real WOW in my inbox this morning.

Clio pinged me about the new site she is a part of, Muse. Right now Muse has three parts: Budget tool, Task manager and Idea folder. I’m not a big fan of budget tools but the other two just blew me away!

On the Task manager you have 3 pages, Do Now, Do Later and Done. Each is divided into the standard categories like ceremony, beauty photography, etc. It couldn’t be easier to add and delete tasks or move them from list to list. It all stays organized and neat. Love it. No more making lists, losing them and having to recreate them. I wish it was available for my grocery lists.

The idea folder is just as easy to use. You can ‘Capture an idea’ again in the standard categories and then keep it front and center or move it to the back burner to revisit later.

Clio tells me that they have even more tools in the works as the site keeps growing. If they are any where as cool and useful as what they have now Muse may quickly become the hottest planning site on the web.

Thanks Clio for 'getting it'.

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