Sunday, October 15, 2006

Welcome To The Big Apple

Hello from New York!! I promised you all the latest from the Wedding Channel Couture Show and here you go.

I am here this week with my old friends Tony and Gipsy Williams, publishers of Enchanted Brides Magazine. We hit the ground running at 11:00 yesterday and didn’t stop until after 10!!. So far we have seen four collections and loved every one.

We started the day at Ivonne de la Vega’s suite. Her designs are gorgeous and incredibly designed in a way to flatter real women. Not only did she have her bridal collection but also her evening gowns. There was one sea green chiffon gown that I just loved. You have to see her collection if you get the chance.

Next it was off to St. Pucchi. Rani is a master of detail and this collection is no exception. Over all the collection has an organic feel, you could almost imagine the wedding of an ice queen in a forest in Narnia. Whether it was beaded vines or mutli-layered cut work the details were amazing. There was also a color I hadn’t seen in her collection before, maize, a golden beige. It was a nice departure from all the ivories and blush out there. This collection is on of the prettiest I have seen from St.Pucchi. I took a ton of detail shots to use in an article for my friends the cake decorators. Believe me, these details will start showing up on cakes in the next year.

Then it was time for the runway at Ramona Keveza’s suite at the Waldorf.
As always, the collection was a study in timeless designs in the most wonderful fabrics imaginable. Which got me thinking about what it is that makes couture gowns different. Yes the designs are amazing as is the workmanship, but really, a lot has to do with the fabrics. They are lighter and move better, they drape and hang better, and they feel more sumptuous against your skin. No matter how good the cut or the designer, cheap fabric will ruin it every time.

Finally time for a bit of dinner and a rest for our tired tootsies. We stopped by Youlin’s suite to get her,(that's Youlin's picture at the top of the post) and then hooked up with Janell Berte and off to our favorite for Thai food, Red Garlic. Yum. That's Youlin's picture at the top of the post.They also have the absolute best chocolate soufflé in the city Janell and Youlin are a riot. Some how we got off on a riff about dogs and their names. Someone showing at the Essex House has a dog named Stiches. Janell has two dogs, Weaver and Tailor who replaced the late Lacy and is acquiring a new puppy named Zipper… do you see a pattern here? Oh, those designers.

This morning we start with Justina MaCaffrey and have a show every hour on the hour until 9:00 tonight. If your Wedding Diva is still alive and kickin’ tonight I’ll let you know what wonders I saw.

One more thing before I forget… Amanda, I love my bracelet. I picked up the lapis bracelet I ordered from A. Jaron Designs last week and I am enchanted. It would be soooooooo easy to spend my entire paycheck with her.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please please please let me know if there is anywhere (that you know of), where I can find that fabric used in the St. Pucci collection. It is the fabric that has a whole bunch of flowers which make up the dress:
This link shows the fabric in question (the top part of the dress).

Thank you!!!

Tue Sep 18, 01:31:00 PM 2007  

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