Monday, September 25, 2006

Trunk Shows

I see a lot of chatter on the forums about Trunk Shows. I thought it was time to give you the inside story on this.

Trunk Shows are a marketing tool that is used by both the designer and the bridal salons. A bridal salon will contact a designer to come to their salon with their entire collection. In some cases the designer themselves will come but most likely their sales rep will do it. It is usually a one-day event that requires an appointment. Think of it as your personal private showing.

What’s in it for you, the bride? For on thing you get to see all the gowns in that line for the current season, which isn’t true any other time. Bridal salons have to buy their sample gowns and there are not any that can afford to buy an entire line. Most only buy the minimum required to stock the line. So if you like a specific designer this is a great opportunity to see what all they have.

The other cool thing about a trunk show is having someone there from the company that knows the line and it’s policies inside and out. I wrote a while back about being able to make changes on gowns when you order then; these are the people that can answer your questions. So if you love the cut of a particular gown but want less beading, now is the time to find out if that is a possibility. Designers and their reps love seeing happy brides and will sometimes bend the rules a little to make that that happen.

There are some salons that also offer a discount or throw in some freebies like slip or veil if you order at a trunk show. Not all of them do it, so please don’t go in and say something silly like “But the Wedding Diva said so.” Still it is worth inquiring.

The best way to find a trunk show for a specific line is to visit their website. There should be a listing of all upcoming trunk shows. They are pretty well publicized; no point in taking the show on the road if no one shows up! It is worth your while to drive a little to see a trunk show for a designer you really like. When I go to market I see some gorgeous gowns that you will never see in the magazines and that the shops don’t want to bet on. There was one Reem that I fell in love with last spring that I still haven’t seen anywhere. It would be at a trunk show.

If you haven’t really found a line you love yet then check with all the local salons in your area to see what shows they have coming up. They are only going to go to the trouble and expense to bring in a line that is hot in their area. No one knows the taste of your local market better than the local salons.

Check out at least one trunk show before you buy a your gown. You will have your eyes opened to the possibilities. Besides, it’s fun.


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