Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday=Fun Day

This is the reason you should never let the Wedding Diva loose at market!

Seriously, the fabulous hats at Brenda Waites Bolling Couture Hat Design mesmerized me. Her designs take hats to a new level. If you are considering a garden wedding, her designs are a must see. Sadly I do not have a website for her but you can get more information by email at

Today was a sea of white. So much of what I saw looked like everything else I saw. But there were a few exceptions.

Eugenia Couture has introduced some beautiful gowns in their new more moderately priced Nitsa line. As I was looking over the gowns I had to ask the designer Eugenia Vasiliadis if she danced. (She does) Her creations need to be danced in. I could practically see them twirling on the dance floor. The Swarovski crystal details are made to sparkle in the moonlight. The skirts of her gowns are light enough to dance on their own. If you picture dancing the night away at your wedding you have to give these gowns a try.

I ran into an old buddy Amanda Jaron of A.Jaron Designs. As always her jewelry blew me away. (so much so that I ordered two lapsi lazu pieces). While I was in her booth I also found out that she is designing pieces for the Kelly Chase Couture Collection. I think this is brilliant. Just think, instead of a marginal piece of costume bling on your wedding gown that bling was REAL jewelry that you could wear every day of your life. Cool. Not only that, but Amanda is also designing the accessories to compliment the jewels on the gown down to the accent broaches for the bouquets. This is so new that they don’t yet have pictures. The have a photo shoot scheduled at the end of the month and Kelly and Amanda both promised to send images for me to share. This is huge.

I also stopped by the booth of upcoming bridal gown designer Songi and had an interesting conversation with his pattern maker Catina Robertson. One of the beauties of buying a gown from a small house is their ability to customize. Songi is still small enough that they can do ‘made to measure’ gowns. If you have a body type that is hard to fit, look to the smaller houses for the custom fit you need. I also learned a lot about construction from Catina. When she showed me the duchess silk lining of the built in corset I wanted to wear it, I wanted to feel it against my skin. The seams were so beautifully finished and the construction so light that it was almost sensual. These are gowns you never want to take off.

I saw so much more today including Aalexis Accessories and a fab new embroidered good collection, but kids, the Diva is tired!!! I had too much fun at the Conte Nast cocktail party and then off to dinner with Amanda, Kelly & Chase. I will be back tomorrow afternoon with the latest up date.

See you then.

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