Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Bling

In my search for the new and unique at the Chicago Market I seem to be stumbling over the most fun must have accessories. From guest books with bling to fabulous feathers for both hair and gown there are some really hot designers here willing to not just step outside the box but to leap joyfully out of it.

As promised I wanted to tell you about this seasons collection from Aalexis. My readers that follow me on MySpace already know about the cutting edge designs Lisa Levin has put together. The Great Gatsby Collection is the perfect choice for the Hollywood Glam look, ring pillows and guest books in lovely silks with fab mini brooches as accents. Then there is the Breakfast at Tiffany collection with black velvet ribbons for that Uptown feel. Their products are some of the best made I have seen and are made entirely in the USA. Only a small part of the Aalexis line is available on the internet so check your local salon for a complete viewing.

I can’t seem to get enough of the feathers at market this season. If you think they are as fun as I do be sure to give Lori London a look. I loved her flowers made out of feathers, from small enough to double as a boutonnière to large enough to be a small hat. All are designed for double duty, when you flip them over the back has both a hairpin and a small crocheted loop that will fit over a covered button on a gown. How cool is that? You could easily add that needed zing to a plain gown and then carry the theme to your attendants hair and groomsman’s lapel.

I have often gazed in wonder at the collection from the UK tiara and jewelry firm Halo and wished that there was a collection as different and unique but widely available here in the US. Well I found one, TigerLilly is relatively new to the bridal market but is coming on strong. They are in 60 salons so far and after this market and New York I wouldn’t be surprised if that doubled. Their pieces can best be described as organic in look. They certainly are not your granny’s tiara. Bright, light and sassy is how I would describe them. To top it off, all of the tiaras convert to necklaces so you never have to stop wearing them. As much as we’d like to, few of us can get away with wearing a tiara with jeans and flip-flops!

Just as beautiful was the collection across the aisle at Haute Bride. If you want a true feel of Hollywood Glam for your wedding jewelry look no further. These pieces are red carpet worthy, big, beautiful seductive baubles. One piece that particularly caught my eye was a multi-strand pearl necklace with a clasp on the front and another larger one that draped down the back. Hot,hot,hot for those off the shoulder gowns.

I have found two more interesting gown designers that I want to introduce you to tomorrow. One of them I suspect will tie in to my review of the Debi Awards. Until then
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