Friday, January 26, 2007

Think Outside of the Box

I had a conversation with a bride at a recent bridal show and during the course of the conversation the question of her color choices came up. She began telling me that she originally had her heart set on a blue, white and silver winter wedding but couldn’t find blue flowers that were in season in January. Reluctantly she was thinking of changing to red and black. WHAT!!! Well that’s just not right. I took her to see the booth of Jill Cole at Southern Event. I had run into Jill the day before and I knew she had a beautiful vignette with mirrored vases and silver curly willow. I told the bride, “Add blue linen and you have your colors!! Do you have to have flowers?” You could see the light bulb go off in her head.

If you are a bride on a budget you have to think outside the box. The picture aboveis a centerpiece I put together recently.

I rented the tray, paid a dollar for the vase, a dollar for the candle holders and bought the rocks at Home Depot, add ONE flower and TaDa…zen magic. Each centerpiece was under $8 and they weren’t floating candles surrounded by rose petals.

Nothing says that your wedding has to look like every other wedding you have seen. This is a day to show your uniqueness. Look for inspiration in places besides bridal magazines. Look at fashion and home décor magazines. There is inspiration everywhere you look. I would love to know where you found your inspiration. Post a comment and let the world know how creative you are.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Finding Inspiration

I had the best time today. I have been asked to set up a VIP style lounge for one of my clients at the largest bridal show in the Southeast. So I spent today digging through the inventory of some of the hippest, trendiest rental and décor firms in town. Oh my friends I have seen the most fabulous things imaginable.

If you are trying to transform a ho-hum space or just take a look all the way to fabulous, décor rental is the way to do it. These are not the places to go for glasses and folding chairs, this is where you go for 8’ wrought iron trees to hang with crystals for a winter fairyland look or a full size outdoor fountain to turn a ballroom into an Italian piazza. If you are looking for ideas this is the ticket.

As you walk through this seasons bridal shows check out the décor items in any of the booths; chances are good it came from a local rental and décor firm. If you see something that catches your eye ask where they got it. When I visited the shops today I ran into many of the vendor that will be exhibiting this weekend picking up things to decorate their booths.

Inspiration can come from anything. I saw a vase, 4’ tall with narrow sensuous lines covered in tiny bits of broken mirror. I asked Joe Hodges of Visual Elements what might go with it and POOF before you knew it all the elements for a winter wonderland were pointed out: bare trees made of metal dripping with stings of crystals, fountains that produce fog, tall branches of curly willow painted a shimmery muted silver . Add these to some barely blue linen with a sheer silver overlay and some silver chivari chairs and you just built an indoor ice palace. Cool! No really.

I started my day with the wonderfully creative Sarah Boyce at her shop, Fabu. If the words ‘casual elegance’ have ever crossed your lips you need to know Sarah. An artist with an eye, Sarah has amassed a huge collection that ranges from elaborate pieces of wrought iron to silver to glorious silk pillows. Wondering through her rentals is like a treasure hunt. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to Fabu with no design idea looking for inspiration and always found it.

I do have one little wack of the pencil to both of these firms. You have the most beautiful things I wish you had better websites so I could be inspired anytime I need it.

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