Friday, September 28, 2007

The Perfect Dress(es)

Are you still struggling with finding the spot on perfect dress for your girls? You know, a style that looks great on all their body types, is fun and flirty enough to really be worn again and that each and every one of your lovely ladies will fall in love with as much as your did. Fat chance and keep dreaming; or…

Look closely at that picture. Each dress is different with a couple of distinct common denominators: color, length, skin on top and dark hose. At first I thought that there wasn’t enough variation to make a difference but look closely at the skirt shapes. They range from really full and poofy to that sleek little number on the girl in the middle. The same goes for the necklines; they are all completely different to suit different figures. It is the flash of skin at the top and the dark hose under the shorter length that does the magic. Brilliant! Now tell me which one of your bridesmaid couldn’t use another flirty little black dress just suited to her style.

These are all from Bill Blass but I have every faith that you can take this concept and run with it across a multitude of price points. Hmmmmm, I think I may forward this to a few of the manufacturers I know.

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