Monday, September 17, 2007

Bridal Bling

Now you did not really think that I was going to be able to go to market and NOT check out a little bling did you? Especially not when there is Halo & Co to ohh over.

Once again I stood slack jawed gazing at all the shiny,sparkly pretties. As much as I love the tiaras and fascinator in the UK they just don’t seem to have a following in the states. As much as we love bling, we seem to draw the line at really amazing hair jewelry. That’s a shame. If you are going to do it…do it all the way!

The young lady modeling for me was just another shopper in love with Halo. She was trying to decide which one she wanted for her own wedding

The Halo & Company range is available through Kleinfeld in New York

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