Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How to Alienate Your Vendors in Five Easy Steps

  1. Only communicate with them through a third party: ie your mother. This ensures that the vendor is never really quite sure if she is doing what the bride actually wants or just what she has been told she wants,
  2. Tell one vendor that your planner is ‘really’ uncomfortable working with them in hopes of cutting a better deal behind your planners back. I bet it didn’t occur to you that they had been working together for years before you showed and would be for years after you have gone.
  3. Pop in unannounced on your cake designer in the middle of a Saturday, even though you have been told that your designer would be happy to schedule a tasting for you any day BUT Saturday. I am sure the brides expecting their wedding cake that day won’t mind if it’s late so the designer can take the time to meet with you and produce a tasting platter out of thin air. Wait, even better maybe you were hoping she could just cut up a couple of those wedding cakes so you could taste the real thing.
  4. Spend four hours with a consultant and your planner going over every possible combination of linen, china and chair only to call up the next day and tell them you are going to use the standard hotel linen and china. I am sure your planner had nothing better to do than load half of the rental company’s showroom into her car and drag it to the hotel so you could see what it looks like in the ballroom.
  5. Ignore the fact that the reason you make your final payment a week before the event is because there won’t be any changes past that point. I’m sure the catering staff won’t mind changing the menu the night before your event and why would they have a problem getting something from the wholesaler on the Saturday night of a three day weekend? I mean come on, grocery stores are open.

Can you tell I just got the rundown on the wedding from hell from a planner friend of mine? Considering the above he/she has asked to remain anonymous. I don’t blame him/her a bit.

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