Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is This a Foreshadowing?

Friend of the Dish, Courtney Hammon has started sending her report on bridezilla’s wedding in Michigan. You may remember, this is the bride that insisted that her bridesmaids have hair extensions for their matching updos. I can’t wait to see the next installment. If this wedding saga begins with a bomb scare I just can’t imagine where it will go from here. I wait as anxiously as you for all the little details.

Thursday the 13th My Big Travel Day

Since there are so many friends and family coming from across the country my husband and I had decided to arrive into the Detroit area a day before the big festivities were to kick off. My parents were already there and so was my sister and her family. The flight on Northwest was great and we landed in Detroit shortly after 10:00am. Now this is where the real story begins: the flight attendant tells us that there has been a security breech in the airport so we may come across some barricades on our way out. Being the good daughter I call my dad and tell him to not wait at our usual spot until I call but instead come all the way to the terminal as he may have some challenges with the “security breech” and all. Once we are off the plane we immediately notice the airport is not right!!! There is not a soul to be found?? They have evacuated the terminal. If you look out at the gates all you see are police cars and fire trucks. We make our way to the luggage escalator and we are greeted with 10 – 15 police officers who politely inform us we cannot leave! My father is now calling telling me he cannot get to the terminal as it is blocked off by police and news crews! (Some security breech!) After 30 minutes we are allowed to go and claim our luggage – it is than we find out it was a bomb threat. Dad has successfully made it to the terminal and we are on our way to the hotel!!! Only once we get a mile from the hotel traffic is in a dead stop??? It seems the bank across the street from the hotel is being robbed! Wow my brother and future sister in law sure know how to welcome their guests to the Detroit area.

Friday the 14th Manicures Pedicures and Rehearsal

So the boys are all off golfing and I am to get my mom, sister, family neighbor and niece all to the salon in our matching pink shirts that the bride sent us to the spa. We make it there with little challenges other than learning what a Michigan left turn is! Upon arrival we see 15 ladies in their matching pink shirts sipping mimosa’s and enjoying the day together. The bride has gone from a size 10 to a size 2 and looks fabulous!! Leave it to my family that my 2 year old niece gets her first manicure and pedicure! But she sure was cute!! I have one word to describe the rehearsal LONG maybe its because I see weddings every week or maybe its because it was my family and friends but just over a hour and a half was way to long for a 20 minute ceremony. The rehearsal dinner was lovely with all 80 people but it was great to have some time with the out of town family that we see so rarely.


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