Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just How Over The Top Would You Go?

I have talked before about how it goes when the pros plan their own wedding. Now most people I know in the industry kind of just run off and do it quietly. Occassionally one of us decides that they want to completely blow the top off of every other wedding they have ever planned.

Today I ran across one of those weddings. A planner that does a lot of event at Atlantis in the Bahamas, Harith Wickrema just got married and did he take it to new levels.

Here are a couple of quotes to give you an idea of the level of obsession that sometimes creeps into weddings.

“The dramatic entrance he had planned for his bride — via barge on Atlantis' serene lagoon — also brought obstacles. Chief among them was getting the barge to glide over the water without the disruptions an engine or propeller could cause. After input from Atlantis' in-house aquatic experts, Wickrema decided to have two underwater divers guide the barge from beneath. Add to that a surge of mood-setting music and a wash of light atop the water to create a shimmering effect, and “nobody could see how that barge was floating,” he recounts.”

Ummm. Ya. Divers to escort the bridal barge. You have included that haven’t you??? I think the picture is post barge ride

During planning and setup of the complex event, “I was very involved,” the producer says. “I only relinquished my walkie-talkie a half-hour before the ceremony.”

I can’t even comment on that. Not even the worst bridezilla would admit to that

You can read the whole article here

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