Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Most Beautiful Wedding…

When I look at the fabulous weddings in the major magazines I usually suspect that they are staged just for the camera by the magazine. Well I have to post what I think is one of the most beautiful weddings ever and I know this one was real because I know all the people.

My dear friend Renee’s daughter married her college sweetheart last weekend in California. Some of the pictures are now posted on the blog of another dear friend, David Wright who flew out to do the photography.

Yes, dear readers this was an honest to goodness real wedding but it wasn’t staged by amateurs. The brides is studying fashion design, the mom has put together the largest most successful bridal show in the Southeast for the last seven years and the photographer that captures it all is one of the best in the country.

The moral of the story? Oh this time there is no moral, just enjoy David’s beautiful pictures and send out good vibes for Angela and Matt’s future.

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Anonymous David Wright said...

Wow, Christine, thank you. Yes, we all had a great time on the beach and Angela's childhood dreams (plans) became reality. Renee, Angela's Mom, and Angela, combined with the talents and creativity of Bravado Design,, produce one outstanding wedding. The theme was a beach wedding a la Martha Stewart style. We all had a blast and the photography is stunning if I might say so myself. Thanks for posting Christine.

David Wright

Wed Jul 04, 01:13:00 AM 2007  

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