Friday, June 22, 2007

One of the Original Indie Brides

On one of the last nights of the cruise we dined with the most interesting couple Dave and Lyn. They were on board to renew their vows for the fifth time. I found this interesting enough to dig a little deeper.

Of course I asked about their first wedding; it seems that Lyn was one of the original indie brides. Dave and Lyn were originally married in 1982 before the hoopla surrounding Princess Diana forever changed bridal expectations. Lyn wore a Gunny Sack dress off the rack, they had 25 guests and a pot luck dinner in her parents’ backyard at a budget of just under $1000.

I was curious as to just what traditions they carried from ceremony to ceremony. Apparently none, the only thing that was alike from vows to vows were the bride and groom. On their 15th anniversary they did wear the same clothes from the first wedding just to prove that they could. Beyond that everything has been different and unique to that particular time in their lives with special vows to commemorate where they are and where they have been.

They certainly seemed to be a happy couple. Maybe they are onto something with this whole renewing every five year thing.

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Blogger Neil said...

I think this would be a great tradition to keep marriages fresh -- renewing your vows every few years. Maybe it should be required like renewing your driver's license.

Tue Jun 26, 01:35:00 PM 2007  
Blogger your WEDDING DIVA said...

Hi Neil,
Love your blog!
Thanks for visiting and hugs to Sophia


Wed Jun 27, 08:53:00 PM 2007  

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