Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday In The Rain

We had breakfast with Justina and Bruce was at the curb…it must be Sunday.

If you have been reading the Dish for a while you know that for the press, Sunday morning always starts with a very tony buffet at the Justina McCaffery Runway and because of the days schedule, we make sure that we hire a car and driver. I have seen seven collections today. I am going to have to wait until the exhaustion induced fog in my brain clears to really tell you about it.

I did want to post a link for you though. My traveling companion, Tony Williams, publisher of Enchanted Brides is posting the photos EB's photographer has taken to his website. He, like I, is running on exhaustion, so he is only posting a couple of teasers while we are on the road. Look for a more complete posting later next week.

I promise a full report tomorrow morning, schedule allowing. And all the Dish..teehee!

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