Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did the iPod Kill the DJ?

Off Beat Bride pointed out an interesting article today about the demise of the DJ.

Many couples are opting to forgo the band or DJ and put together their own playlist. Some venues even seem to be catching on to to this trend and upgrading their sound systems to accommodate these iPod couples. Cool.

Here is where my rant comes in; check this quote from the executive director of the American DJ Association. "An iPod is music, and what brides really want is an eloquent spokesperson that can represent them at their event in front of family and friends to create a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable experience," Drax said.

That strikes me as more than just a little arrogant and presumptuous. Let me rephrase that for you a bit there Drax: An iPod is music and what brides that choose DJs really want…” Could it really be that every single bride that has ever or will ever plan a wedding really longs only for an “eloquent spokesperson” to represent them?

Why is it that some wedding professionals think that theirs is the only way to do something? Will they never get the message that every couple is unique and the old cookie cutter formula no longer works? Sigh. What are your thoughts?

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Blogger Laura said...

Lol, I agree. What I really want is some kick-ass music and to save some money. I fail to see how a DJ can represent a couple well; they don't know us from a hole in the road. I have an uncle with a wicked sense of humour who will do a better job MC'ing than a DJ ever could. The only reason I would consider hiring a DJ is so that nobody else has to worry about making sure the right song is playing at the right time - I don't want my guests to be "working" at the wedding, I want them to be enjoying themselves. That is the ONLY reason why we might hire a DJ.

Tue Apr 10, 10:37:00 AM 2007  

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