Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some More Random Notes About Being Married at Sea

The Princess line has wedding chapels on its 10 newest ships including all of the Grand Class ships.

It seems to be most popular for second weddings. Most repeat brides had done the whole plan it to with in an inch of its life wedding the first time around are more willing to a have a ‘leave the planning’ to use event this time. Even with that the number of weddings on board the Dawn has doubled in the two years that James has been on board her.

The most popular cruises for wedding on the Princess line are any of the 7 day cruises originating in South Florida. In other words, the Caribbean baby! Hot fun in the hot sun. Sounds good to me.

Your ship will need your final arrangements and confirmations one month before you sail. Since you will most likely be booking through a travel agent or The Wedding Experience this probably won’t be a concern since you will have done it six to eight months out anyway.

Where you get married on board does not seem to be limited. You can get married in your cabin if you want or on deck, you can even buyout most of the restaurants or salons for your reception. It really does help to know the ship on which you will be holding your event. Really a plus for those among us that have made cruising a hobby. (Yes they do exist. My traveling companion was on her 37 cruise, her 7th on this particular ship.)

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