Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dress Shopping and Personal Grooming

This just makes me sad.

I have been chatting with a group of Bridal Salon owners over the last couple of day on the subject of the personal grooming habits of people trying on wedding gowns. Who would have thought this would be a problem?
I seems that some of our young ladies have forgotten the lessons thier mommas taught them! They are doing things like not bothering to shower between their work-out and their stop by the salon. Or coming right from the spray on tan booth or on their way home from their their job as a landscaper or chef. You get the idea. Salons are at their wits end trying to figure out how to polietly tell these stinky young ladies to please bathe before you come to their salon to try on $3000 worth of silk. Where did the break down in what is socially acceptable occur?
More disturbing is the young ladies arriving without the benefit of panties. Come on. Even if you always go commando to avoid panty lines have a little respect for other people. I would not want to try on a gown that someone else's naked sweaty bootie had been in! Salons have had to resort to keeping disposable paper panties on hand for these rude women. so unless you want to try on your wedding gown in a reasonably facsimile to Depends, wear panties.
Some brides take the slightest remark from a salon owner or employee as "Unbelievably rude service." I think if they weren't often subjected to unbelievably thoughtless behavior from brides they wouldn't have to make the policies they do.
It was also brought up that brides sometimes bring small children with them. Ok, I know your child is a perfect angel that will sit quietly in the corner and not be tempted to finger all the pretty fabrics or hide in the racks of gowns.But just in case they go completely against their usual perfect behavior, do not for God's sake arm them with chocolate! (once again, could I make this up?)
Let's have a little respect for these hard working retail associates out there and the deep investment the owners have made.

What would your Momma say?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one of the bridal salon owners out there....Thank you! As much as we love to assist brides & their parties in choosing the perfect gowns, we appreciate undergarments between them and our dresses!

Mon Aug 21, 01:33:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I do provide Bras to my Brides to determine a better fit with their gowns. I will not provide panties. I will also be asking that if you are wearing all undergarments.
No Bra, No panties, and poor hygiene will not qualify you for fitting gowns. Our gowns are for sale and has to be in pristine conditon for our customer. They are not for try on only.

Tue Aug 22, 08:57:00 PM 2006  

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