Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wedding Flowers

Every article on wedding flowers says that if you want to save money on your florals to choose flowers that are in season. Great, but I have no idea what's in season when. They never give you that information in the photo layouts. Just gorgeous pictures of pretty flowers.
Well, here is all the dirt that's fit to dish gathered in one place.

Bliss! offers a great interactive tool where you can enter the color or season or even the region you want and it will give you a list of flowers that fit that criteria. Cool.

All Wedding Ideas has a simple listing of flowers by season. It's a good list if you see something you like and just need to know if it in season. The flashing banner ad at the top is pretty annoying, but hey, just scroll it away.

Here is a list from a redecorating website. If you search the site you will also find some fun decorating tips that can translate to wedding decor. This site reminds you to also think about seasonal fruits and vegetables to use in your decorating. Great color and shape, cheap price tag! Yeah!
A good tip is to look outside the wedding industry for some fun and unique ideas.

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