Saturday, June 03, 2006

Wedding Gown Alterations

It has occurred to me that most brides have no idea what is involved in altering a wedding gown.

Take a look at that gorgeous ball gown with 5 layers of fabric making that fabulous pouffy skirt, admire the 4" wide border of crystal adorned beading at the hem. Now what do you think it takes to hem something like that? Well that skirt has to be removed and shortened from the waist, without ruining the lines.
Some of the sheath dresses with princess seams have to be hemmed at the shoulders which may or may not means recutting the the armholes and neckline.

I know, so what? It's not you wielding the needles. What does it matter to the bride, you just want it right. Here is why it matters and what you can do about it.

As you find yourself narrowing down your dress selection find out what it will take to make your gown fit right. Ask the seamstress to look at the dress you are considering. A good tailor will be able to tell if the gown is cut in such a way that the adjustments needed for your figure are do-able. For instance, I am short-waisted. There are some gowns whose look would be destroyed in the process of making them fit me. I personally love the look of the 'Fit and Flair' style in the Rivini collection. Unfortunately I would have to either have one custom made by the designer or risk the bodice ending somewhere around my knees. Now that would make dancing fun.

If you are in love with a dress that is going to have to be adjusted at the shoulders, where will that put the waist? I don't know and you probably don't either. That is why you need the help of people who handle these dresses everyday and know how they are made.

Just one more thing to think about as you search for the perfect gown for your wedding. sorry
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