Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Branches and Centerpieces

I get a ton of inquires about DIY centerpieces. Some of the easiest and my favorites are the ones made of bare branches. The possibilities are seemingly endless. They run the gambit from simple branches from flowering trees like cherry or crab apple to elaborate confections dripping with orchids, crystals and candles.

Here are a few to get your creative synapses firing.

The first group I took at The Special Event in Atlanta. Granted these are a little over the top.

The Wedding Luncheon, 2. IMG_0156, 3. The Wedding Luncheon, 4. IMG_0157

These are from Lifia & Alex’s bio on the Knot.

This really simple one came from the Japanese Wedding Favors website.

This one is from Floral Rush in Los Angeles

To get you started on your own creations here are some helpful links.

Nettle Hollow has some how to’s along with being a source for all things twig.

Ethereal Décor has a few how to’s and is a source for the crystals.

The blog Twigs and String has some helpful how I did mine type notes.

Now that you are inspired…send in your designs to share with the class.

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Blogger Sincerely, Katasha of K Sherrie & Company Wedding and Event Design said...

A great resource for crystals is www.wholesalechandelier.com

The boards and pictures are beautiful!

Tue Mar 11, 01:20:00 PM 2008  
Blogger your WEDDING DIVA said...

Ooooo great! Thanks Katasha

Tue Mar 11, 01:50:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous my wedding planner said...

very nice blog wedding :)

Sat Mar 15, 12:29:00 AM 2008  
Anonymous SC said...

Granted some of those centrepieces are a bit much, most of them are absolutely GORGEOUS. There are some really original ideas there. Thanks for sharing!

Sun Mar 16, 08:43:00 PM 2008  
Anonymous Just Engaged said...

Does anyone know where I can buy these branches at affordable prices?

Sun Dec 28, 06:48:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

The best I've found is save-on-crafts.com. Their branches are the most reasonably priced.

Mon Feb 09, 05:48:00 PM 2009  

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