Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Team Work Matters

This video was sent to me by a group of wedding professional in Indiana. It was put together from some real wedding footage by David Chandler-Gick at a deveraux film. I can’t say it any better than this mother of the bride did. Film is courtesy of the Wedding Place Bridal.

I have always been fanatical about the importance of team work on an event. I can’t overstate how much smoother an event or wedding will go if all the players know each other and are able to work together behind the scenes. More times than I can count I have watched a florists save a baker or a rental company go the extra mile for a coordinator or caterer that they know well.

Behind the scenes one vendor can make or break another. A rental company I know liked a particular planner and was in the habit of calling her to reminder of incidental item that she had forgotten such as serving spoons. When she changed rental firms her bad habits caught up with her in some rather embarrassing ways.

Here is what I would suggest you do: get referrals from your most important vendors for any service related to theirs. Ask your caterer and florist for a list of rental firms they prefer; ask your venue about entertainment; ask your photographer about videographers. If you felt good enough to hire the first one you should feel good about trusting their referrals.

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