Monday, August 06, 2007

Here’s the Proof

Brides are always asking me what makes one service provider so much more expensive than another. In most cases it simply the attention to detail.

I was at lunch last week with a friend looking at the proofs of her daughters wedding. This was the beautiful beach wedding from a few weeks back. Of course I was blown away by the images from David Wright but I was even more impresses by the presentation. Each image is presented on a 4”x 6” card with color, black & white and sepia tone proofs neatly arranged in presentation quality boxes.

This is the kind of things that set the really top notch vendors apart from the run off the mill or bargain basement providers. So as you are out there trying to decide who to trust with your wedding, look at the details. Chances are good that if they do a great job on the details the big parts will be spectacular.

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